September 2012 – June 2015 - BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology (Somerset College)

Awarded: First Class Honours


·         Student of the year and artwork submitted to Edge magazine on the University’s advertisement page.

Final Major Games Project: ‘Square One’ Solo game project

·         Modelled and unwrapped organic and environmental low poly 3D assets. Used Mudbox to sculpt high poly versions of assets. Created hand painted textures in Mudbox (diffuse and specular map).

·         Used CAT Motion to rig, weight and animate bipedal characters.

·         Coded first person character movement, weapons systems (gun, fireball and throwing knife) and level interaction (Collecting objects, opening doors).  Particle system used for fireball in the 3D level.

·         Used ray casting and a waypoint system to code enemy path finding and object avoidance (2D level)

·         Created state scripts to control random behaviour for an enemy character (idle, attack, protect and projectile firing states). Health and damage systems, including checkpoints and game over state.

·         GUI to create menus, text based speech and notifications.



January 2013 – Present - Freelance 3D Artist, Animator and Developer

Client: Somerset College (

Project: Photorealistic architectural renders (3ds Max/Mental ray)

·         Used architectural plans and designs to ensure an accurate 3D representation of a building that is currently under construction. Created, unwrapped and textured 3D models.

·         Realistic lighting & rendering with Mental Ray.


Client: Powrmatic (

Project: Interactive product library and installation animations (Unity 3D/C#/ 3ds Max)

·         Held consultations with the client to advise on effective ways of showcasing their products in a virtual environment. Used existing design plans to create accurate 3D models of the client’s products.

·         Created 6 interior environments to be exported to the Unity Game Engine.

·         Application was developed in Unity, C# was used to code camera movement, GUI elements and object interaction. 


Client: Impey Showers (

Project: Product installation animation (3ds Max)

·         Used reference images supplied by the client to model, unwrap and texture a bathroom environment.

·         Used key-frame animation techniques on the cameras, objects and modifiers to clearly represent the stages of installation.


September 2014 – September 2015 - Associate Lecturer at Somerset College

·         BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Media (Computer Games)

·         Responsible for lecture preparation, delivery and marking for six modules.


August 2008 – November 2012 - Freelance Landscape Gardener

·         Maintained gardens for clients on a regular basis. Responsible for small gardens (town houses) up to large country gardens (3+ acres).

·         Mowing lawns, trimming hedges, shed repair, fence installation and patio restoration. Also carried out DIY jobs including decorating and window/gutter/soffit cleaning.


You can find examples of the recent roles highlighted on this resume on my portfolio website: